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If I Can Drive, So Why Can’t You

As India grows bigger, the car is becoming a requirement in luxury. How do we survive with no car?

We want it to drive to work, to see relatives, to rush needy in hospital in crisis and for extended driveway vacation

You need to learn car driving first and get a driving license, to pass this test, you have to be a foolproof driver.

You have to know everything about the vehicle, from clutch, brakes, gears to tail and headlights, the wheel. In addition, you should understand more about traffic signs.

You have to understand when to slow down, even when to keep the motor operating and when to close it down. Then there comes security precautions, seat belts and much more. Just a dedicated motor training faculty can educate you on these. Our car driving school gives you a detailed explanation about the car mechanism.

Reasons Why You Need To Learn Motor Car Driving :

For many, to learn car driving is an unnecessary investment that takes away from the fun that they could be having with their money. But the fact is that they are vital if you want to make your way successfully in the entire world.

Following are the reasons that prove investment on gears lesson is an investment for your betterment :

  • The very first reason for learning how to drive is quite crucial for you since it gives freedom to rely on parents to get lifts anywhere.
  • A lot of people who don’t know automobile driving are made to use public transportation, it’s notoriously unreliable and it is remarkably costly.
  • A Metro Journey to get a 10 km travel, can cost up to rs 140/per individual, roundtrip, in certain areas. This is a lot more than the price of petrol for this distance.
  • In this current economic climate, an increasing number of individuals need to commute longer distances, and if you don’t know how to drive a car you’ll be limited to searching for jobs in your immediate area, which will frequently be a fruitless exercise.   

Our Car Driving School provides its customers, 15 modules course

Our module will be followed in 15 days as :

1.Ground Training:

About the exact very first day our teacher will require you to learn on empty ground, it will cause you to get comfortable with your car so you get comfy with another step.

2.Training on Roads:

After you are comfortable driving at the ground our teacher would require you into the major road about the second day and the next morning in order to turn your anxiety to drive a car on streets into optimism.

3.Theoretical As Well Practical Explanation:

As soon as you’re comfortable in the morning to drive, our instructor on day fourth 30 minutes instruction session to how to drive a vehicle in the day time plus another 30 minutes to helping you understand traffic rules.

4.Car Mechanism And Night Ride:

Our teacher would be providing you nighttime sessions on the fifth day and the sixth day in order for your eyes to become adjusted to the high beam during nighttime, our teacher will be directing you about the automobile’s engine.


You need to pass a practical test on the seventh day in the presence of our instructor as well as a theoretical test consisting of multiple-choice questions that you have to take online.

6.Reverse parking Practice:

Day eighth and ninth will dedicated to reverse parking session line with that you will be trained on how to replace the tyre in case that gets punctured.

7.Incline Management:

It is crucial to understand how to deal with the vehicle in an incline, our obligation would be to train our customers to ensure they do not get panic that they could not handle the car on shopping mall ramps or flyovers. Our coach Can Help You develop control over accelerators, break, race direction on the tenth day

8.Four Day Special Training:

We will be giving you a session on how to drive in with traffic, village areas, national highways, hilly areas each day respectively.


On the last day, you have to appear for the final test, attain a minimum passing score.

Once You Learn Car Driving You Can Join Our BLAZE CLUB

Car Driving Tips Every Beginner Should Follow :

  • Be Familiar: The very first thing you ought to do before you begin driving would be to get comfy with your vehicle. Get knowledgeable about the fundamentals of the auto in concept before you almost begin driving it.
  • Seating Position: The ideal seating position is very important; experienced drivers do not place themselves properly and consequently lack control and comfort, which increases the likelihood of mishaps. The chair ought to be put in a location where you are able to view all around, quite readily and comfortably. It’s generally said that the elevation of the chair ought to be such your eyes are at half of the height of the windshield.
  • Holding The Steering Wheel: Even though there’s absolutely no one correct method of holding a steering wheel, the correctness is dependent upon how you need to hold it to be in a position to get maximum control over the wheel. Most researches reveal the’9 o’clock and 3 o’clock’ place is the very best. It is extremely important to maintain your steering wheel properly to have the best hands of the steering and also, subsequently, the vehicle
  • Essential Tools: It is advisable to carry essential car repairing tools like screwdrivers, crescent wrench, socket kit, adjustable pliers, wire dykes, pocket knife for safety, hammer or ax in case of electric failure, baling wire, and zip tie, jb weld, silicone sealant, duct tape, tire plugs, a tire plug tool, and tire plug cement. You can easily buy them from amazon.
  • Use Turn Signals: Comprehend the significance of reverse signals or signs. When you’re on the street, you’re just one among many and so it’s quite imperative that you alert the vehicles around you whenever you’re just about to turn. Using signs helps save a whole lot of accidents on the street.

Why Choose Our Car Driving School:

  • Delhi’s best institute to learn car driving since 2000.
  • We have trained more than 2000+ students until now.
  • India’s initial motor institute to present theoretical as well practical examination before the principal examination for a permit.
  • India’s first car driving school to introduce 15 module course to be a skillful driver in 15 days with guaranteed results
  • Unlike our competitors we do not charge extra for guaranteed outcomes, Everybody pays equal, our achievement is not financial, our Company is your pride.
  • 100% Guaranteed Results or 100% Refund In Case Of Dissatisfaction.
  • We do supply 24/7 lifetime service to our customers if they get stuck someplace.
  • Proper measures are taken for ladies’ security.
  • The best part to choose us is that we make you a supreme car driver on your own vehicle while you can have full control, unlike other motor schools our coach won’t be having a clutch and brake.
  • In case you aren’t able to learn car driving in 15 days, though we will make sure that you learn it, our trainer will make you learn it anyhow, you have paid for a successful outcome.

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Question: Hi! I am Muskaan, Car Driving For Girls Is a bit Complicated Task? Is It So?

Answer: Hello Ms. Muskaan, no It isn’t difficult for a girl to learn car driving, on average it takes 15 days to learn car driving, one of our female candidate made it in 7 days.

Question: I am Natasha, My dad is 55 years old, he thinks that he can’t learn car driving at this age? Could you help me?

Answer: Ms. Natasha, age is just a no, our senior trainer Mr. Rajendra Kumar has trained old lady aging 69 years old, our chief counselor will contact your dad and will make sure that he is ready to drive.

Question: I want to learn driving on my own car, Is it possible- Tarmeen Kaur?

Answer: Yes Ms. Tarmeen, The Motor Wheel, provides training to its candidate on their car only, our mission is to make you ideal on your car since day one, our trainer will take care of your car safety as well.

We Do Provide Our Clients Car Sale/Purchase Service.

Don’t Drink And Drive

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  1. I liked your company’s policy of theoretical & practical examination. I also liked your training of how to change tyre, if punctured.
    Your company is definitely a go for learning car driving.
    I will recommend every person, without looking at your age, to learn car driving from this company. The Motor Wheels is very helpful.

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